The Physiological Performance Profile is a powerful tool to analyze, modulate, and predict endurance performance in athletes. It tells us how and why you may be able to run at a given speed, finish a race in a given time, what type of fuel you utilize, how much fuel you may need and much more!



  • 1:30hr testing session 

  • Physiological performance markers report

  • Personalized training zones

  • How to improve areas/markers you may need to target to achieve your needs/goals.

  • Fat vs. Carbs fuel contribution at different intensities, so you know how to properly fuel a given session.

  • Sweat and Electrolyte Loss

  • Performance predictor based on your target race as to what you could do today and compared to what you could do if you improve your specific markers needs.

  • Individualize fueling plan for your target event based on your actual fat/carbohydrate combustion, sweat rate for fluids replenishment, and electrolyte loss for proper replenishment.

  •  30 min Zoom call to review the report, provide implementation suggestions and answer any questions.

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Single sport test - $150 (bike, -OR- run)

Single-Sport Season pass - $400 (3 tests for the same sport)




Tri Specific tests - $250 (bike & run)

Tri Specific Season pass - $600 (3 bike tests & 3 run tests)



The profile identifies important performance markers such as: aerobic capacity, glycolytic capacity, lactate threshold, the energy cost of motion, fuel contribution (Fat vs. Carbohydrate), lactate accumulation & clearance, and more. Identifying these metrics will benefit your training schedule and boost your performance with a scientific foundation and a practical approach to your program.


This comprehensive in-depth look at the layers of your physiology will allow you to make more effective training & racing decisions ranging from what type of training may yield you greater fitness gains for your specific needs/goals, what sort of pacing you may need to achieve optimal performance or what type of fuel sources you may need given your metabolic system

Markers identified in your profile:

  • VO2max – maximum aerobic capacity

  • VLamax – maximum glycolytic capacity

  • Lactate Threshold

  • Accumulation of Lactate and how quick you can recover from it

  • Fat combustion aka FatMax

  • Carbohydrate combustion

  • Metabolic Efficiency – how much energy you need at a given speed/power

  • Fuel Contribution (Fat vs Carbohydrates)

  • Sweat & Electrolyte loss