The Metabolic test is a powerful tool to help you identify, analyze, adjust & progress your physiological profile as well as to predict performance in in athletes. It tells us how and why you may be able to run at a given speed or produce "x" power, finish a race in a given time, what type of fuel you utilize, how much fuel you may need, how efficient you are and much more!



  • 1:30-2hr test session.

  • 30 min follow-up Zoom call to review the report, provide implementation suggestions and answer any questions.

Detailed Report including: 

  • Metabolic markers (i.e. FatMax, LT1/LT2, VO2max, etc.) via blood lactate analyzer, metabolic cart and electrolytes loss analyzer

  • Personalized training zones by power, heart rate and/or pace

  • Insights to improve metabolic limiters to achieve your goals.

  • Fat vs. Carbs fuel utilization at different intensities so you can match your energy needs.

  • Sweat Rate and Electrolyte Loss so you know how to properly fuel a given session/distance.

  • Performance predictor - compare your target race vs. what your current metabolic profile would allow you to do today so you can improve in the future.

  • Insights regarding pedaling efficiency and/or running economy.



Single-Sport Testing - $200 (Bike, -OR- Run)

Single-Sport Season pass - $550 (3 tests for single-sport within 12 months; 1 every 4 months)



Tri Specific Testing - $350 (Bike -AND- Run)


Tri Specific Season pass - $1,000 (3 Bike tests AND 3 Run tests within 12 months; 2 every 4 months))



The metabolic test identifies key performance markers such as: Max Aerobic Capacity (Vo2Max), glycolytic capacity, lactate threshold (LT1 & LT2), the energy cost of motion, fuel contribution (Fat vs. Carbohydrate), lactate accumulation & clearance, oxygen utilization, sweat/electrolyte loss and MUCH MORE! 

This comprehensive scientific yet practical approach will help you peel back your physiological layers to make your training more effective. Given your needs & racing goals, we'll help you determine what type of training may yield you greater fitness gains, what sort of pacing you may need to achieve optimal performance, what type of fuel sources contribute to your energy demands given an intensity (power/speed/HR), what are you fitness strengths/limitations,  what are your optimal fueling needs in carbs/fluids/electrolytes, etc. 

Markers identified in your profile:

  • VO2max – maximum aerobic capacity

  • VLamax – maximum glycolytic capacity

  • First Lactate Threshold (LT1)

  • Second Threshold (LT2 aka FTP)

  • Fat Combustion aka FatMax

  • Carbohydrate combustion

  • Metabolic Efficiency or Run economy – how much energy you need at a given speed/power

  • First and 2nd Ventilatory thresholds (VT1 & VT2)

  • Oxygen and Carbon Dioxide Volume

  • Sweat & Electrolyte loss per hour