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The Metabolic test is a powerful tool to help you identify, analyze, adjust & progress your physiological profile as well as to predict performance in in athletes. It tells us how and why you may be able to run at a given speed or produce "x" power, finish a race in a given time, what type of fuel you utilize, how much fuel you may need, how efficient you are and much more!

What is it?

It's scientific approach to help you peel back your physiological layers to make your training more effective. Given your needs & racing goals, we'll help you identify what type of training may yield you greater fitness gains, what sort of pacing you may need to achieve optimal performance, what's your energy demands given power/speed/HR, what are your optimal fueling needs in carbs/fluids/electrolytes, and much more!

What's Measured

  • Blood Lactate Accumulation

  • Volume of Oxygen & Carbon Dioxide

  • Muscle Oxygenation

  • Sweat & Electrolytes Loss per hour

  • Heart rate and power/pace

  • Respiratory Profile (Breathing Frequency, Tidal Volume, Minute Ventilation)

  • Muscle Oxygenation & Hemoglobin density

  • Energy Expenditure Fat & Carb utilization

  • Body Core Temperature & Heat Zones


What's Included?

  • ~1:30 test session.

  • 30 min follow-up Zoom call to review the report, provide implementation suggestions and answer any questions.

  • Detailed Report including: 

    • Metabolic markers (i.e. FatMax, LT1/LT2, VO2max, etc.) via blood lactate analyzer, metabolic cart and electrolytes loss analyzer

    • Personalized training zones by power, heart rate and/or pace

    • Insights to improve limiters to achieve your goals.

    • Fueling Plan based on your Fat vs. Carbs fuel utilization, Sweat Rate and Electrolyte Loss given your goal distance.

    • Performance predictor - compare your target race vs. what your current physiological potential  so you can improve in the future.

    • Insights regarding mechanic efficiency and/or running economy.

Equipment Used

  • Lactate Meter

  • Metabolic Analyzer

  • Moxy Monitor (NIRS) 

  • CoreBody Temperature Sensor

  • Sweat Patch for Electrolyte Loss

  • Smart Trainer Power-meter

  • Heart Rate Monitor

  • Stryd Run Power-meter

  • Spirometer


Single-Sport Test - $250 (Bike, -OR- Run)

Single-Sport - 2 tests per year - $475

(2 tests for a single-sport within 12 months; Bike -OR- Run)

Single-Sport Season pass - $650 

(3 tests for a single-sport within 12 months; Bike -OR- Run)


Triathlon Testing - $475 (Bike AND Run)

Triathlon Testing 2 tests per year- $850

(Bike AND Run tests each done twice within 12 months)

Triathlon Season pass - $1,200 

((Bike AND Run tests each done three times within 12 months)

Metabolic Test Consultation


If you have already completed a metabolic test somewhere else and want some help interpreting the data or help to learn how to apply it to your training, we can help!

Simply send us a message using the link below, send us your results, and we'll review it together via a Zoom call.

Cost - $150 1hr Zoom consultation

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