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With over 20 years of experience in endurance coaching, bike fitting, biomechanics, and metabolic testing, Jorge shares his experience with athletes, coaches, and teams seeking to broaden their knowledge base, perform metabolic testing, and apply a science-based approach to achieving athletic goals.



  • For self-coached athletes who need general feedback and direction on their current training program. We help you identify needs/limitations based on your goals via performance and physiological or field testing.

  • This is for athletes who completed a metabolic test elsewhere and want help interpreting the data and applying it to their training program.

  • For coaches, we offer our expertise to expand your knowledge base and help you understand and implement metabolic testing & a science-based practice. We are here to support your growth and success approach to you.

  • For coaches with a group of athletes or a team needing metabolic testing and/or a physiological assessment to enhance their training?

Our consulting service helps to assess, evaluate, monitor, and address your individual needs & achieve your goals.

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Initial 3-4 hour Onboard Zoom Call. Before the call, together, we’ll define the agenda to address the most important things relevant to your needs/goals/limitations. We may plan metabolic/field testing ahead of this meeting to have current fitness benchmarks for a more thorough assessment.


Also ahead of time, we’ll do a detail analysis of materials submitted, including training files (via training peaks or other online platforms), metabolic/field testing, past results, goals, limitations, etc.


Thereafter, we'll have an ongoing Zoom call every ~6-8 weeks to review the previous training block and discuss targets/goals for the next block. Yout will receive a video recording of every Zoom call for your reference as well as a follow up email with the key points discussed.



Pre-consultation Data Analysis plus Initial Onboard 3-4 hour Zoom meeting – $475.


Ongoing consultation every 4-8 weeks – $150 per hour​

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